• Various Job Samples

    Various Job Samples

    To get a taste of what we really do click on a thumbnail below to see a larger view of some of our various...
  • 16th-17th Century Swivel Gun

    16th-17th Century Swivel Gun

    16th-17th century swivel gun aka port-piece, sling- piece, base-piece, murderer. This cannon is breechloading....
  • Half Scale Field Gun

    Half Scale Field Gun

    1/2 scale 6pd field gun. Bore sized to fire a golf ball. This piece was ordered with no paint. The price...
  • 1835 Mountain Howitzer

    1835 Mountain Howitzer

    This 1835 Mountain Howitzer has a straight bore with no powder chamber. That is the reason for the outside...

Custom Black Powder Cannons

Using the considerable technical experience made available to us through four generations of machining expertise, we produce exacting replicas or custom pieces designed to your specifications. All of our cannons are made using the highest quality equipment and materials to ensure an extraordinary working piece of field artillery.

Humble Beginnings

At Clover Machine Ltd. we routinely handle quantities of 1,000's, but we are still small enough to give single piece orders the attention that they deserve. We are driven by a desire to build a lasting relationship with every customer, providing them with the quick turnaround they need.
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CAD/CAM Technology

We use only the best state of the art CAD/CAM technology. We use Gibbs.